Jumps and Dance at Portobello Beach

Dance photographer Edinburgh

Céline and I went to Portobello Beach on a seemingly summery morning for a dance inspired photo shoot. I am starting to expand my portfolio with a series of artistic and dance related photographs and Céline, who is very passionate about dancing, happily volunteered to be my guinea pig. I have always loved dancing myself and my recent venture into pole fitness and aerial circus have fuelled my ambition to get rid of my two left feet in the far away future. I love to capture the elegance, devotion and joy expressed in dancing and I think that nature is an ideal scenery for getting these feelings across.

Portobello was not as summery as it looked – it was freezing cold and in order to warm up we started off with some jump shots. I love how they turned out! They look so happy and it seems more like we’re in Spain and not in wintery Edinburgh.

We didn’t do a lot of static poses in the end, it was just too chilly, and I saved them for another dance photo shoot that I have in May. I really enjoyed our little test shoot and am looking forward to working with many different artists over the coming months!

3 thoughts on “Jumps and Dance at Portobello Beach

  1. Danke schön! Ja, also echt von Edinburgh sind wir sowas von verwöhnt, da können andere Städte nur abstinken 😉 haha! Hinfahren kann man aber schon auf jeden Fall – aber dann fahr an die Westküste! Die Bilder folgen dann… a propose Bilder… hier sollten auch mal wieder ein paar hochgeladen werden!!!

    • Thank you, Miri! <3

      Yes, it was about time! Damn the hardware failures, but now I’m back, hooray!

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