Forest Dance with Kate

Edinburgh dance and portrait photography - Edinburgh dance and portrait photographer

When Kate told me that she would like to take part in my dance photography project I was really excited. I know Kate through pole dancing and I am one of her secret fans (not so secret anymore now!) because I love her style of performing. Kate is also super flexible, perfect for the bendy poses I had in mind. We met on a really windy day, the sky looked daunting and I was optimistic that we were going to have a shower in the rain rather than a photo shoot – but we were lucky and had plenty of time to play around with different looks and poses.

The location of our choice was Roslin Glen Country Park near Edinburgh, an enchanted piece of woodland which has quite a few untouched hidden corners and a variety of trees that turned out to be just perfect for doing splits and various other tricks on them (can you spot the pole dance seat?). I was just glad that Kate came up with so many great ideas for poses and even handstands – my brain was already quite busy figuring out good angles for the shots and I was really nervous about the whole shoot. Taking dance style photographs is very different from having a portrait session and after all, I wanted Kate to have some nice pictures to take home for all her effort!

I think we were a pretty good team and I’m pleased with the results. Now I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves!

One thought on “Forest Dance with Kate

  1. Ja, für uns war das auch das absolute Highlight! Uns hat es vorher nicht so unbedingt gefallen und wir dachten die ganze Zeit “War ganz nett, aber muss nicht nochmal sein”. Aber dann die Gegend “The Burren”, echt wahnsinnig schön und abwechslungsreich und einfach nur großartig. Das war der beste Tag des Trips und ich bin froh, dass er zum Ende kam! 😀 Eine Woche muss ich die Schiene noch tragen – mal sehen, was dann passiert! Hoffentlich nur noch Physiotherapie und dann gut ist!!! Will wieder fotografieren!

    btw: great pictures! looks like a lot of fun and oh boy that is flexibility!

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