Meadow Blossom Portrait Shoot

Portrait photography by Kate Haag, Edinburgh based portrait photographer

Marie came to me before the Meadows started blooming and asked if we could have a photo shoot surrounded by pink blossoms. I was excited for it but knowing that the Meadows are usually super busy during the day, we scheduled our shoot for the early morning. The very early morning. Hoping we would be able to take photos against the rising sun and capture the most amazing morning glow with no people in the background.

We were spontaneous. We looked at the forecast every night wishing for a sunny morning where both of us would be free. And it came. I set my alarm for 4am the next day – and I didn’t hear it. Miraculously I still woke up at the exact time when Marie was picking me up at my front door, grabbed all my photography gear and rushed outside. It was cloudy! And windy. Edinburgh at its best; after my 4th year¬†of living here I’m starting to wonder why I still trust the weather forecast.

While we didn’t get any rising sun, it was fantastic to have the Meadows almost to ourselves, and we took a whole bunch of wonderful pictures together.¬†Working with Marie is always great and her lovely personality is glowing so much on these photographs! I hope we’ll be able to have many more photo shoots in the future.


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