Flexibility Shoot at the Shore

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“Let’s have a photo shoot while temperatures are still tolerable”, we said, and off we went to The Shore in Leith on a dreary and rainy November’s day. It was actually quite mild for the season; but then I was wrapped up in my coat and didn’t wear shorts while walking through the wet in my socks throwing bendy shapes.

Winter is not a lucrative time for a photographer who prefers to work outdoors, especially when you live in Scotland, and I’m always happy when my clients are still keen to work with me when the weather shows its gloomy side. After all, a cloudy sky will make yourself look more flattering than bright in-your-face sunshine.


Jemma works as a flexibility instructor and told me she wasn’t naturally flexible when she first started stretching, and I am impressed how much you can achieve when you work hard on your goals. I was so inspired that I began signing up for her classes – we’ll see where it’ll take me.


Everything was pretty slippery on that day due to the rain, and I occasionally feared for Jemma’s life when she was standing just a bit too close to the edge of the river or climbing up the bridge in a split. I should add that Jemma put herself voluntarily in all of the poses, and both model and photographer left the shoot without a scratch :-). We had a great time and the photos speak for themselves.


Are you a yogini, dancer, circus artist or just want to have bendy photographs of yourself because they look cool? Then drop me a message and book me for a shoot!

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