Editorial for MAHI leather

Fashion editorial for MAHI leather

I got the opportunity to borrow a couple of bags from MAHI Leather and have my first ever editorial photo shoot. Thanks to my friend Rui the photographs turned out great!

The Edinburgh University Photosoc had a little contest going on last week, and we got the chance to borrow a couple of leather bags from MAHI to have a photo shoot with. I was super excited and pictured a fashion editorial in my head – something I had never done before and I hoped it would get me back into my photography mojo.

I asked around among my friends if anyone would like to help me out and Rui was all for it. It turned out she is a very natural model in front of the camera and it was a pleasure and so easy to work with her. We also took some lovely portraits without the bags!

The bags I received were The Yale Clip-Up and The Classic Duffle, both have a fantastic quality and look beautiful. The Duffle would be great for travelling and I’d love to take The Yale out to work – there’s plenty of space for a laptop and a few other bits and pieces you want to carry around with you. Did I mention that MAHI are going to pick two lucky winners who can keep a bag? I hope one of them is meeee!

Enough dreaming about future bags, here are the photos for you to enjoy!

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