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Holyrood Park serves as a wonderful setting for an Edinburgh couple photo shoot. It feels like you’re in a miniature version of the Scottish Highlands. So I was super excited to have my couples photoshoot with Zanna and Alex in Holyrood Park. I love this place. You are in the middle of bustling Edinburgh, but at the same time surrounded by this fascinating landscape.

We went for a wander around, strolled along fields blooming with thistles and paused at the little loch beneath a castle ruin. All the while Zanna and Alex were posing so naturally and with so much ease. I was also impressed with their outfit choice, they looked stunning and the colours fit so nicely into the landscape!

Alex did his best to make Zanna laugh by whispering things into her ear that I’m not allowed to talk about ;-). It definitely worked!

I’m so glad you chose to have a photoshoot with me to capture your love, it was such a pleasure!

If you would like to inquire for my free dates for an Edinburgh couple photo shoot, drop me a message at, I look forward to hearing from you!