Did I already tell you that I have a passion for motorbikes? I’d been wanting to ride one since I was a teenager, and I finally got my CBT certificate three years ago. I cruised around Edinburgh on my small Suzuki Van Van until it sadly died this summer. Naturally, I was excited when Inka suggested to have a Harley photo shoot with her and her bike. I love Harleys, they look so cool!

We picked a small tree lined path for our motorcycle photo shoot. It was late afternoon, the sun about to disappear behind the trees, and the light was just gorgeous!

Inka is the creator of Status Croix, a sustainable fashion brand for skaters and motorcyclists. She draws all the designs herself and then puts a lot of love and care into screen printing them on to t-shirts, hoodies, caps and more. I’m a big fan of her unique and stylish brand and can’t wait to own a piece myself! You should definitely go and have a look at her collection. Of course, you can see a sneak peek on the photos from our Harley photo shoot as well.

I had so much fun doing the motorcycle photo shoot with Inka. She is such a natural posing for the photographs and we got some awesome shots. All the time I was flirting with her Harley Davidson, too. I’d never sat on a big bike before and I was over the moon when Inka offered me to take a seat on her Harley. It felt great and I fell properly in love at that point. Look, how happy I was:

Now it’s time for Inka to shine in the spotlight. Thanks for trusting me with your idea, it was so much fun!