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I was born in an industrial city in the German Ruhr-Area and spent most of my life there before moving to Edinburgh. A few times a year I go back to visit family and friends. And to be honest, every time I go I am homesick for Edinburgh and can’t wait to be back again. Because Edinburgh is the most beautiful city on this planet. There is no arguing with me. There is a reason I’m an Edinburgh portrait photographer after all!

Over Christmas I spent four weeks in Germany. I was longing to have a few photo shoots while there but I didn’t want to swerve away from my pretty, romantic Edinburgh portfolio too much. Let’s face it, you are spoilt for choice in Edinburgh when it comes to photo locations, and my home town is quite industrial.

I remembered the old town of Essen-Kettwig, which has a beautiful centre with a characteristic German look and feel. Let me teach you a word: Fachwerkhaus. You find loads of them. They are these houses with a timber structure. If I ever move back to Germany I want to live in one of these. They are quirky and crooked. Probably similar to Edinburgh tenements but with ceilings half the height. I wonder whether I can go on for one paragraph without mentioning Edinburgh…

I took a stroll through Kettwig with Dita who instantly fell in love with it. I loved it as well and was happy to have found a place that makes me treasure my roots. It had been raining all day and we were lucky to catch a break in the clouds. I’m repeating myself, but: Cloudy weather is the best for photos. I especially like the light after the rain, it makes you look absolutely gorgeous. So if you have a shoot scheduled and it’s raining, don’t be put off – it could be amazing.

Dita opted for two different looks – one more casual, and one more romantic and feminine. Both of them fit perfectly into the surroundings.

I’m still feeling all the happy feels when thinking back to the shoot. Dita and I got on so well and I look forward to meeting her again when I’m back in Germany. I’m so glad I found this location too, and it makes me want to explore more when I visit the homeland.

If in the meantime you’d like to check my diary for free dates as your Edinburgh portrait photographer, drop me a line at, I look forward to hearing from you!