With the ease of the lockdown I have started to offer Edinburgh doorstep family photography sessions. On the one hand, to get me out there shooting again while adhering to the Covid-19 government guidelines. On the other hand, it’s a fun experience that gives people something else to do during the lockdown when we’re not allowed to venture much beyond our own door. Capturing these unusual times for the generation after us is definitely a good reason too, but also being able to send around photos of the whole family to loved ones, especially when you’ve just had a baby and are not able to visit.

Some of you might be worried that getting your family photo taken will result in utter chaos. My Edinburgh doorstep photography session with the Dundas family shows that chaos can be fun too, and as long as everyone takes it with a smile, we’ll be able to capture gorgeous photographs of you and your little ones. I’m personally not a big fan of posing people and like things to develop naturally. While I do give some guidelines along the way, I want you to feel as comfortable and natural as possible while being yourselves. Because ultimately that’s what the whole experience is about for me – to capture your true self.

Having a photography session on your doorstep can have some advantages too – your children are in a familiar environment and you remove the added stress of packing everyone into the car, travelling to a location and keeping everyone entertained on the way. With a doorstep session, all you need to do is get everyone ready and step out of your house. If you forget the smarties to keep the kids in a good mood, you only need to go back inside.

The Dundas family were my first doorstep family photography sessionĀ  – and they made it super easy for me. They were super relaxed and when one of the little ones wasn’t too happy, they would just take it with a smile. We had a couple of breaks to let the boys explore and big brother Duncan kept everyone entertained with his funny faces. All in all, everyone had a good time and the session just flew by. It was so hard to choose favourites from this sessionĀ  – all of these tell the story of how the photo shoot went so authentically! I’m enjoying my Edinburgh doorstep photography sessions a lot and I look forwards to plenty of more to come!

If you’d like to book your doorstep photography session with me, send me a message here.